The Circular Lighting Report UK appreciates Lorelux sustainability

The Circular Lighting Report UK appreciates Lorelux sustainability
28 September 2022 lorelux_redazione

The Circular Lighting Report is an English online guide to the latest developments in sustainable and circular lighting, which has become a valuable source of information about the latest innovation in the lighting sector.

This service is offered by Recolight, UK’s leading specialist in WEEE compliance scheme for the lighting industry, providing producer compliance scheme that meets its Member’s obligations under the UK WEEE regulations. Not only do they provide free recycling for Producer Members, but also offer circular economy services to facilitate reuse of lighting equipment and to avoid unnecessary waste.

Lorelux luminaires are sustainable in all their production stages: from the choice of green materials to the manufacturing process with low environmental impact, and up to the final recycling of the lighting bodies. Therefore, The Circular Lighting Report welcomed with great interest their circularity and chose to spread this innovative news for the outdoor lighting.

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