Energy saving and customized design: the new eco-sustainable lighting for the Italian city of Vieste

Energy saving and customized design: the new eco-sustainable lighting for the Italian city of Vieste
26 Luglio 2022 lorelux_redazione

Narrow streets and squares overlooking the sea, white and compact buildings standing out with the blue of the sea. This is Vieste, an Italian city in the province of Foggia (Puglia), one of the many pearls on the Adriatic coast. In recent years, it experienced a remarkable increase in tourism flows and a consequent increase of urban redevelopment projects. This was the year of the redevelopment of its public lighting system by substitution of the old traditional luminaires with new LED lighting fixtures.

According to the words of the Councilor for Public Works, Mariella Pecorelli, public lighting of the city of Vieste did not comply with regional standards, because “Luminaires produce part of their luminous flux above the horizon line, which is in contrast with these standards. Poor light uniformity of the actual public lighting system causes a “patchy” lighting, due to the total lack of specific optics for public lighting.”

Source: 9th July 2021


Therefore, Lorelux substituted the traditional sphere-shaped luminaires with its new LED luminaires of the Vieste series – a tribute to the city that commissioned the shape – and guaranteed both an harmonization of the urban ecosystem and a lighting project fully compliant with current standards on light pollution and energy saving.

Lorelux Project

Lorelux provided the Municipality with 270 pcs. of 18W – 70W LED luminaires, with 3,000 color temperature and CRI>80.

The Vieste series was specially designed for the city, since it needed a stylistic continuity with the previous sphere-shaped luminaires. The Municipality of Vieste liked the new lighting body already from the rendering phase: its full and soft volumes guarantee a timeless elegance of the luminaire.

Lorelux always gives plenty of space to the requests of both public administrations and lighting designers. It meets any need they may have thanks to the flexibility of its materials, which are suitable for any kind of shape.

The Vieste series of luminaires is installed on Viale XXIV Maggio, passing through the main street of Corso Fazzini and up to the picturesque promenade of Via Marinai d’Italia. They guarantee an energy saving of about 17,896 kWh / year, which is €6,263.61 / year.

For both greater savings during the night hours and comfort for the citizens, luminaires were set per time slots through automatic programming.

Lorelux luminaires: a great advantage for seaside cities

Vieste is a seaside city, so it needs its luminaires to be resistant to salt fog’s corrosion, which is typical of these areas.

Lorelux luminaires not only guaranteed elegance and energy saving, but also a 100% resistant and sustainable lighting body made of 100% recyclable plant-based polyethylene, which is immune to corrosion by nature. A real innovation in the public lighting sector.

Find out all the advantages of Lorelux luminaires.

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