Italian City awarded for choosing Lorelux circular lighting

SMAU Award 2023

Italian City awarded for choosing Lorelux circular lighting
27 Gennaio 2023 lorelux_redazione

Keyword: Innovation

26 January 2023. The city of Vieste (Apulia) was given the SMAU Award for Innovation for having chosen an innovative and circular lighting for its town, such as the one guaranteed by our Lorelux luminaires.

SMAU Award: what is it?

SMAU awards a prize for those enterprises and municipalities that choose innovative and sustainable solutions by collaborating with startups and innovative companies, thus contributing to a green development of the territory.

The outstanding result in terms of both lighting fixtures’ sustainability and energy saving of the installation, result of the collaboration between the municipality of Vieste and our Lorelux brand, made it possible for this Apulian city on Adriatic Sea to win the SMAU 2023 Award.

“The solution meets all the needs in terms of efficiency, sustainability, resistance and aesthetics. The installation is fully compliant with all standards about lighting (…). In addition, thanks to the co-design work – which made it possible to respect the pre-existing features and to enhance the environment – the new installation resulted pleasant and perfectly integrated to the urban context. Proof of this is the very positive feedback from the citizens.”

Read the full interview to the Counselor for public works of the city of Vieste, Maria Pecorelli.

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