Lorelux illuminates Sirmione with its Catullo series

Lorelux illuminates Sirmione with its Catullo series
21 Settembre 2021 lorelux_redazione

The boulevard leading to the Scaliger Castle, which reached its peak during the XIV century, today is completely illuminated by Lorelux Catullo luminaires.


We were inspired by the famous Latin poet for the choice of the name, because we wanted to pay homage to the city of Sirmione that hosts the villa of Catullus’ father – a villa loved by the poet – on which today stand the caves of Catullus, visited every year by thousands of tourists.

Along this road, 48 Lorelux luminaires follow one another. They are arranged on two arms with a power of 40W, 50W and 80W and a colour temperature of 3000K.



The luminaires have two different functions: a row of luminaires illuminates the boulevard and the other row illuminates the pedestrian area.

We have avoided light dispersion and reached high level performances with the diversification of the power of the luminaires and the installation of customized optics that directed the beams of light right onto the area we wanted to illuminate.

Our Catullo luminaires are resistant to bad weather, corrosion, pollution, and to acts of vandalism. They are provided with customized optics – which made it possible to illuminate the city without light dispersions, – and with a customized and elegant design – which has intensified the beauty of the city – and in addition they connect Sirmione with the Italian Smart Cities.



Our remote-control devices have built a bridge between the ancient city – known and loved by the poet – and the new cosmopolitan and technological city able both to preserve its value and to encourage ecology and innovation.

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