Lorelux innovation at the exhibition of ADI Design Index 2022

Lorelux innovation at the exhibition of ADI Design Index 2022
16 Novembre 2022 lorelux_redazione

Lorelux technology, powered by Niteko, is among the best Italian design projects. An endless urban luminaire made from polymers deriving from recycled and bio-based plastic, able to take the most different shapes and to resist bad weather.

Lorelux brand is powered by Niteko company – which designs and manufactures street and urban lighting fixtures – and it was included in ADI design’s catalogue and exhibited at the Italian Design Museum in Milan last 14 November. This is a very important goal for this company based in the province of Taranto, southern Italy, which has made research and innovation its trademark.

The Lorelux project recognized by ADI is a technology combining design, sustainability and durability with a perfect balance of performances and both environmental and social responsibilities thanks to the “recipe” of its particular blend used to manufacture the lighting bodies. In fact, they are made from 90% recycled plastic that allows obtaining any desired shape, since it adapts well across various urban contexts and to lighting designers’ creativity, and allows manufacturing a relatively limited number of pieces with a low environmental impact. A further step forward for public and industrial lighting, which joins LED technology by guaranteeing better performances and more sustainability. Lorelux luminaires are ideal for resisting also to extreme physical phenomena and they have already been installed in Sirmione (Lake Garda, northern Italy) and Vieste (Apulia, southern Italy).

Lorelux is one of the eighteen projects included in the pre-selection for Compasso d’Oro 2024, a prestigious award for Italian design and creativity. These projects are exhibited in Milan from 14 November in an exclusive exhibition where it will be possible to admire the latest design innovations.




Last week, Lorelux technology – able to guarantee at the same time sustainability, reliability and creativity – was also exhibited at the important Italian green technology expo – Ecomondo –  with the Loome project of Hera Luce, which represents one of the most important and attentive to sustainability Italian multiutilities. Hera Luce will use this made in Apulia technology to produce urban lighting luminaires from a polymer coming from the plastic of citizens’ separate collection, provided and worked by Aliplast company.




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