Remote control: new smart lighting by Lorelux

Remote control: new smart lighting by Lorelux
2 Marzo 2022 lorelux_redazione

In 2020 the Municipality of Sirmione started a modernization project of its traditional urban lighting system.

Lorelux laid the foundations for this future smart city with its new public lighting and remote control system.

“Aesthetics meets intelligence. All Lorelux luminaires installed in Sirmione are remote controlled. This system allows managing lighting in an intelligent and responsive way. And this is not all: apart from illuminating the city in a more efficient way, LED luminaires equipped with remote control system can also provide services the way a smart city would do.”

Find out how Lorelux brand provided the city of Sirmione with a new smart lighting in the article written by Lumi4innovation:

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Catullo luminaire installations, Sirmione (BS – Italy)

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