Social Projects: Lorelux in a High school

Social Projects: Lorelux in a High school
12 Luglio 2022 lorelux_redazione

Enterprises should provide schools with directions and knowledge for teaching students sustainable development, and encourage young people to take their own responsibilities. Because this is also an investment for the future, since these young people may become resources of the company one day.

In 2022 in partnership with NEXT – Italian national association for the promotion of a sustainable and participating civil economy, and for the diffusion of good practices – we started a project about civil and circular economy with the Pentasuglia Institute of Matera, in Basilicata (South Italy).

Four mechanics and mechatronics classes of the penultimate year of high school got actively involved in this path for approaching sustainability.

Niteko’s goal was to develop students’ proactivity towards sustainable industrial designs at the service of people and environment (circular economy) through the study of Lorelux luminaires.

NEXT’s goal was to develop a short path towards business sustainability, and make students develop a proactive approach as workers of a “civil economy”, thus becoming active citizens with regard to the demand for more ethical and sustainable jobs and consumptions.

In practice, the project was carried out through analysis laboratories on Lorelux eco-sustainable luminaires, guided by NEXT tutors (through Business Model Canvas of New Economy). At the end of the planning and study stages, students were involved in an active call.



  • Collection of 15 kg of plastic bottle caps ( 9.000 caps)
  • Identification of a park/play area for the installation of the luminaires
  • Manufacturing of 5/6 Lorelux luminaires made of Secondary Raw Materials (the caps concerned by the collection)
  • Donation of the Luminaires to the City of Matera

The result exceeded all expectations! With the collaboration of a third partner, CASA NETURAL, students collected 17 kg of caps in 2 weeks, which were made into Lorelux luminaires and given to the City of Matera.


The project gave birth to a real spontaneous and voluntary partner network that joined and supported the project.

Voluntary and spontaneous network


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