Lorelux: circular sustainability meets design elegance

Lorelux: circular sustainability meets design elegance
20 Aprile 2022 lorelux_redazione

LUCE, the Italian international magazine on trends, protagonists, projects and innovations in the lighting sector –  in its new March 2022 issue–  dedicates a large space to the eco-sustainable innovation of Lorelux brand.

LUCE has always been attentive to promote a culture of light both influencing the places where we live and improving environment.

“If the Lorelux® brand were a painting, circularity would be the frame for highly resistant, uniquely designed lamps. In an increasingly responsible and environmentally friendly economy, the new brand is part of an eco-sustainable manufacturing process rooted in the heart of the Ionian Sea, the brainchild of a team of professionals with decades of experience in the public lighting sector.”




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