Light Symposium 2022: Conference Papers are published

Copenhagen, 21-23 September 2022

Light Symposium 2022: the Copenhagen Conference Papers are published
5 Dicembre 2022 lorelux_redazione

We are glad to announce that the scientific article presented last September in Copenhagen by the Head of our R&D Department, Alessandro Deodati, – co-authored by the engineers Giuseppe Vendramin, Emiliano Petrachi and the CETMA Research Center in Brindisi – is now available in the official volume of Light Symposium 2022, entitled IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science.


The aim of Conference’s proceedings was to work on the development of a sustainable lighting future, to which we have contributed by presenting Lorelux luminaires, the result of our study on sustainable and resistant materials in urban lighting.

Read the full article.


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